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Rick is originally from Southend-On-Sea England, he came to the United States on a vacation in 1997, Rick stayed 6 months, went back to England and came back to the States 2 years later and never left! He began to work for a signage company in Homestead Florida. There he learned the sign-making business. Two years after returning to the States Rick met his wife of 25 years, Cay. Cay is a native Floridian, born and raised in Homestead. While Cay and Rick were dating, Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead on August 24th 1992. That day that will live in infamy with Cay and Rick. Shortly after Andrew, Cay and Rick got married. They became very involved in the Homestead community. Cay and Rick realize the devastation caused by Andrew created a huge need in the community.  All the businesses that were trying to rebuild needed signage so in November of 1992, Impact Designs opened its doors.


In 1997 Rick and Cay were invited to attend the Dancing in the Streets festival in Stuart, they attended the festival and fell in love with the downtown area and all of Martin County. In 1998 they bought a piece of property and built a home. In 2000, they sold their business in Homestead and made the move. In 2002, they opened Impact Designs Stuart location. And; they have been fortunate to have many wonderful clients until today. 

Both Cay and Rick love Stuart and the wonderful community around them. 


Cay and Rick share a love for art. They enjoy taking ideas and thoughts and creating something that blows each client's mind away! 

When they see their reaction to the finished product, they feel just as happy as they do. They are both blessed to work on something that gets seen by so many. It's rewarding. It's so very satisfying for them to see how they can make a company’s vision come to fruition.

Every Vehicle Wrap, sign, etc is created to suit each client's needs, and here at Impact Designs, we are ready to help you with all your printing needs. 

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