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Here at Impact Designs 101, we are pleased to offer one-way vision window film, discover more about our perforated window film today.

One-way vision window films are specially designed to create see-through window graphics for exterior or interior applications. Perforated films are perfect for creating exciting and engaging advertising opportunities which aren’t possible with regular vinyl films. Perforated window films allow you to see through one side but not the other, this makes perforated films perfect for privacy. One-way vision window films can be used on a variety of different vehicles such as lorries, vans, and coaches.

Perfect for advertising on windows in buildings and vehicles allowing you to see out whilst restricting vision in for those outside during daylight hours. Please note that once it is dark outside and the lights are on inside the reverse is true.

Perforated window vinyl (also called window perf) it is adhesive-backed PVC vinyl which consists of tiny holes.Graphics can be printed directly on the surface of the vinyl. The graphics appear uniform from the outside, but the holes allow visibility for the driver and passengers inside the vehicle.

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